Students urged to respect sacrifices of veteransPrincipals and leaders urged children to "Thank a veteran" at Astoria high and middle school assemblies Friday.

The students participated in moments of silence to commemorate those lost in combat. The event left some students thinking about military service.

Jason Wood, 18, said he plans to go into the Oregon National Guard for the physical training and to earn money for college.

Each veteran stands and is recognized at Friday morning's veterans' assembly at Astoria High School. Here, Jean Hitchman, of the British WWII-era Women's Royal Naval Service, is recognized as Robert Jackson, U.S. Navy, Leroy Dunn, U.S. Army, Kenneth Rislow, U.S. Navy, and Bill Elder, U.S. Coast Guard, applaud.

LORI ASSA - The Daily AstorianSgt. Maj. Norm Doney said in his day, the Army didn't give college funding incentives. He encourages young men and women to go into the military. "If they have no purpose, go into the service," Doney said. "They'll appreciate school much more when they get out."

Doney joined the Army in 1953 after playing tackle for the University of Oregon his freshman year. Doney, who was born and raised in Warrenton, was stationed in Austria, Germany, Laos, Vietnam and Korea.

He served in the Special ffrces and earned a Purple Heart. While in Vietnam, shrapnel hit him between the eyes.

"If they get you between the eyes, it doesn't kill you," said Doney, who retired in 1972.

To many children, Doney represents a family member who served.

Seventh-grader Nathan Jackson, 13, said he hopes to be an artist and a filmmaker, but the military seems more viable because his grandfather served.

Colton Jackson, 13, said his guardian served in the military. Although Colton wants to be a marine biologist, he said the military isn't out of the picture "because of the respect and I like our country a lot."

U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Matt Gingrich shared Veterans Day's history. The day began as Armistice Day, the anniversary ofthe end of World War I - "the war to end all wars."

After World War II, Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day to encompass all veterans. From the Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf War, the United States has been engaged in 11 wars, Gingrich said.

Students have a vacation from school today in observance of Veterans Day.

As for "thank a vet" day, seventh-grader Hilary O'Bryan, 13, said, "I'll probably go over and see my grandpa."


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