Cameron "Consumption" McKirdy of Seaside, competitive eater, claims, "I'm one of the greatest eaters in the world, and the best in Oregon. Also, I am currently campaigning for mayor of Seaside."

He traveled to the annual Asparagus Festival in Stockton, Calif., in April, to compete against "the top professional eaters in the world" in the feted deep fried asparagus eating contest.

"I drove to San Jose, Calif., by myself, with video camera in hand, filming for my Web site. I didn't even bring my famous puggle, Mocha McKirdy, pictured above. In San Jose, I got a call from the best eater ever, Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut."

Pictured at top, from left, Cameron McKirdy and Joey Chestnut.

"I ate just under three pounds of asparagus in 10 minutes. After that, my jaw was exhausted, but my stomach capacity was only at about 68 percent. I will do better next year," McKirdy vows. Yikes.

Chestnut lost his title in the bout "to a mohawked madman," but it apparently didn't matter. "After Asparagus 2009, we eaters and friends celebrated the moment ... The best part is, when you're Joey Chestnut, the Hot Dog Eating Champion, you are the toast of the town. It was a perfect trip."

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