The Lovebirds with Folk that Pops!

<p>The Lovebirds with Folk that Pops!</p>

A creative outlet is sure a good thing. If creatives have the courage to look into their lives and jump in to tell the story, imagine what a never-ending source it can be for songwriting as is the case of The Lovebirds.

10001485_708691785849087_765390274_nThe award-winning songwriters are from San Diego, which apparently is as music-mad as Portland. We get them passing through May 15 and 16. Yes! Two shows. Thursday it will be a show at Merino Adriatic Cafe and Friday LaurelThirst Public House.

That is one way The Lovebirds describe their music. And the road they chose took them away from being partners and instead concentrating on the partnership that really works for the two.

Dreamy and captivating harmonies and lyrics that feel very open and honest. The Lovebirds say about this new album.

"Breakup Shmakeup is a special album because it covers the broad range of emotions most of us feel during and after a breakup in a really dynamic but cohesive way. You can really get a sense of how we processed the experience and communicated with each other musically in order to grieve a loss and celebrate a re-birth of our relationship as bandmates. Even though the subject matter we're dealing with on this album involves a lot of tension and adversity, there are little seeds of hope and love and acceptance planted throughout each track. That is what our music and our message has always been about, so we're glad to be able to stay true to that on this record."

According to White, "Time and time again, music has been our medicine, our therapy, our glue. Breakup Shmakeup is such an accomplishment because it allowed us to transcend our emotions, rise above the hurt, stick together for a greater purpose, and emerge from the experience even closer in a way. We're really excited to share these songs - although they reference a difficult subject matter, the ultimate message is about finding a common ground."

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