The COUPON QUEEN, JILL CATALDO, whose column appears in The Daily Astorian, was also featured on "NIGHTLINE" March 26 in a segment called "The Super Couponers." The woman was amazing. Both she and another couponer, NATHAN ENGELS, participated in a contest to see who could buy the most groceries with $50.

Pictured, above, in a clip from "Nightline," Jill in her private warehouse where she stores her purchases.

Technically, Nathan won by buying $526.56 worth of groceries for $30.63 (!), but he bought a lot of things the Ear wouldn't even think of buying - like eight boxes of cereal. Who needs eight boxes of cereal? Jill's cart total was $118.84 pre-coupons, and $30.61 afterwards, but her cart was full of a large variety of everyday food items you'd see in anyone's cart. So, in the Ear's book, she's the real winner.

You can see the segment at


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