Memorial Day is the time to honour our fallen soldiers.

It is also marks the unofficial start of grilling season. Time to fire up the grills! Today, my friends, I will school you on the makings of the "secret burger."

First, a few thoughts on backyard bbq:

1. Use coals instead of gas/propane. Briquettes make a better burger (especially those briquettes laced with mesquite wood chips).

2. Get a fat cut of ground beef. The ideal is 70-30% meat-fat ratio. As the fat melts on the grill, flames will kiss your patty (sounds obscene, but it isn't).

3. Never squish the patty while it is cooking. That's just bad form. Let your coals do all the work.

4. Keep a spray bottle of water nearby in case of extreme flare-ups.

Now, the secret:

1. Fill an ice cube tray with one (1) bottle of Lea and Perrin's Worcestershire sauce. Freeze.

2. Take one (1) pound of 70-30% ground beef and place in mixing bowl.

3. With your hands (preferably washed), mix in one (1) tablespoon ground pepper, one (1) teaspoon celery salt, and three (3) tablespoons minced onion. Mix thoroughly.

When the coals are good to go, remove the ice cube tray and break into individual cubes. Gently wrap the beef mixture around each cube and place on heated grill.

As the burger cooks, the cube melts, and flames kiss patty. Flip once and finish. Serve on onion bun. This particular burger is so darned tasty, it doesn't need lettuce, tomato, or condiments of any sort. If you absolutely must add a topping, think creamed horseradish.

Try this recipe. You will find it is flawless, foolproof, and fabulous. Never tell your friends the secret, though. Mumble something like "old family recipe" or "handed down from Hungarian nobility." That keeps them guessing and keeps things mysterious.

I hope everyone enjoys a fine burger this coming weekend.

I also hope we have time to reflect on those soldiers who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. Let us also not forget our prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action. And, lastly, may our country pledge to aid the widows, widowers, and orphans of our fallen dead.



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