Employees from two Gearhart businesses and one business in the county received citations for furnishing liquor to a minor during a compliance check conducted by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission this week.

The Seaside Police Department partnered with the OLCC Tuesday in Gearhart and Seaside and inspected 20 locations using a male and female decoy under the age of 21.

Employees of both the Great Wall Restaurant and Recreation Lanes Restaurant & Lounge in Gearhart were cited for furnishing liquor to a minor even after both indicated that they asked for identification. Both said they misread the identification. An employee of Trucke Gas & Diesel south of Seaside also was cited after he, too, asked for identification.

Employees from 17 businesses asked the decoys for identification and refused to sell liquor to them. Those businesses were: The Turnaround Market, Stop & Go Convenience Store, Seaside Discounted Cigarettes, Seaside Station, Safeway Store, Rite Aid, Pizza Harbor, McMenamin's SandTrap Bar & Grill, Harry & David, Highlands Golf Club, Gearhart Grocery, Bud's Campground & Grocery, Ballous Beach Club, 12th Avenue Grocery, Wine Haus Deli Pub, Seaside Stop & Go and Seaside Liquor Store.

The compliance checks are part of an ongoing effort by Clatsop County law enforcement, OLCC, and the Clatsop County Reduce Underage Drinking Task Force to reduce access to liquor by minors who live in or visit Clatsop County. Random compliance checks are expected to continue in other locations throughout Clatsop County, said Seaside Police Chief Bob Gross.