The lineup of Clatsop Community College's Board of Directors will remain mostly the same with every incumbent re-elected Tuesday - despite voters' rejection of a bond measure that all three supported.

Final unofficial election results showed voters overwhelmingly kept incumbent Marilyn Lane of Gearhart in her seat. Some 4,371 votes were cast in her favor, (71 percent) over challenger Rand Dufka of Arch Cape, who logged 1,786 ballots (29 percent).

"I'm very happy about that," said Lane. "I'm obviously committed to the work of the community college. We'll see where we go from here."

She was disappointed about the failure of CCC's $22 million bond measure to fund a new campus, having campaigned for new facilities since joining the board in 1999.

"I think we'll have to regroup," Lane said. "We're going to continue with the college, with the classes and the students - those are the priorities. We'll just have to see where we are when the vote is actually official."

Incumbent Paul Gillum of Astoria also held on to his seat with a majority of votes in his favor - 4,076 (64 percent) compared with challenger Steve Berk of Olney, who posted 1,967 votes (36 percent).

While Gillum was disappointed voters didn't show more support for the bond measure, he said the board would try to move forward with the present campus at 16th Street and Jerome Avenue.

"We're going to continue on with our strategic planning and go on with the work as it comes up," Gillum said.

Only 5 percentage points separated director Larry Sparks from challenger Lois DuPey, both of Cannon Beach. Sparks narrowly retained the spot representing Cannon Beach, which he was appointed to last year, with 2,969 votes (52 percent), over DuPey's 2,696 (47 percent). There were 41 write-ins.

Sparks also supported CCC's initiative for a new campus in Warrenton, but he was out of the state and unavailable for comment this week. DuPey had voiced strong opposition to the campus project in her campaign, even calling for the resignation of college President Greg Hamann.

Dirk Rohne of Brownsmead was the sole candidate who filed for the post held by Laura Harris, who did not seek re-election. He posted 5,562 votes, or 98 percent. There were 105 write-ins in that race. Seven directors comprise the college board.


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