Icy streets, snow flurries and a host of other cold-weather hazards mean motorists who take to the road in winter conditions should use extreme caution, and avoid driving if at all possible, officials with the Oregon State Police and Oregon Department of Transportation say.

The agencies have compiled a list of tips for drivers:

• Drive much more slowly than usual.

• Watch for stranded vehicles pedestrians and children playing in the snow. Even with chains, four-wheel drive or both, steering and stopping in snow is much more hazardous than under normal conditions.

• Plan more time for your commute or trip.

• Make sure your vehicle is equipped for the weather with good tires, hoses, belts and fluids.

• Dress appropriately for the cold. Keep food, water and bedding in your car.

• Accelerate slowly and smoothly.

• Leave more space between your vehicle and the vehicles in front of you.

• Watch further ahead of your vehicle than usual.

• Begin to break earlier, and do so slowly and smoothly.

• Slow down for turns.

• Limit 9-1-1 calls to genuine emergencies.


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