It may be time to learn to tap dance. Or to get into shape with pilates or to hone your writing skills.

Thanks to Tolovana Arts Colony’s spring schedule, those seeking to court their creative muse have plenty of options to choose from.

Throw in the colony’s scholarship program, and there is plenty of incentive to sign up.

Tolovana Arts Colony is a community-based, nonprofit arts association dedicated to providing affordable, year-round arts education on the North Coast.

A new term of classes will begin the last week of April with the theme of getting into shape after a long winter on the couch.

The schedule includes tap, Zumba, fitness dance and creative dance for children.

To stretch the muscles and relax the mind, there is also pilates and yoga.

The arts colony is still taking proposals from instructors for classes.

“We are hoping to add writing and painting,” said program Manager Valerie Vines Magee.

This is the seventh year the colony has offered classes, and it now offers a scholarship program to help offset the cost of tuition.

The scholarships are in memory of longtime Cannon Beach volunteer Irv Levine. Their purpose is to assist potential students to take arts colony-sponsored classes and workshops. Several students receive scholarships each term.

“Anyone can apply for a scholarship,” Magee said. “You don’t have to be a member, and we’ve never turned anyone down.”

Tolovana is committed to keeping the scholarship fund available and supports it by allocating a portion of the $15 membership fees towards its upkeep.

In addition, arts colony members receive a 10 percent discount off of class tuition.

“There is no excuse to sit around with nothing to do,” Magee said. “We always have room in every class.”

To check out a list of classes, apply for a scholarship, or support the Tolovana Arts Colony, visit the website at or call 503-368-7222.


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