The Clatsop County Commission on Children and Families held the Youth Recognition Awards Banquet May 24. Several Tongue Point Job Corps students were honored.

The following seven youth received an award to honor their achievements in overcoming personal challenges to achieve success for a brighter future: Kera Hoagland, Josh Seago, Jourdan Tabor, Hannah Phillips, Jasmine Henley, Elyse Erving and Liz Mateo Gomez.

Dana Crane, Tongue Point Job Corps vocational counselor who nominated student Jasmine Henley said, "What makes Jasmine stand out is that she has far exceeded standard Tongue Point expectations in her efforts to develop a healthier, connected, self-sufficient lifestyle."

Nikkol Nagle, business and community liaison at Job Corp, said, "These girls are stellar!"

Nine students also received awards from the Commission on Children and Families for making significant contributions to the betterment of the community: Hilary O'Bryan, Sierra Earl, Shellyene Winans, Kathryn Rose Beck, Shina Saxton, Derek Boone Spivey, Coreene Angelica Tussing, Henry A. Balensifer III and Ann Branson.

Asset Builders of the Year were selected for making a positive difference in their nominator's life and for helping to build the assets of youth in our community. The following five adults each received this award: Jennifer Newton, nominated by Celia Todd; Ramona L. Barkemeyer, nominated by Johnny Davis, Rebecca Mizel, nominated by Jourdan Tabor; Nathan Dalh, nominated by Annallese Oswald; and Camille Green, nominated by Ashley Sexton.

Angela Fairless received the Individual of the Year award for enhancing the quality of life in the community for children and families.


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