torrential rainfall

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"I took my servent & one man Chabono our Interpreter & his Squar accompanied, Soon after I arrived at the falls, I perceived a Cloud which appeared black and threatened immediate rain. I obsed a Deep rivein in which was Shelving rocks under which we took shelter ...a torrent of rain and hail fell more violent than ever I saw before. The rain fell like one volley of water falling from the heavens and gave us time only to get out of the way of a torrent of water which was Poreing down the hill in the rivin with emence force tareing every thing before it taking with it large rocks & mud ... I...scrambled up the hill pushing the Interpreters wife (who had her Child in her arms) ... _ we at length retched the top of the hill Safe where I found my Servent in Serch of us greatly agitated, for our welfare... I Scrcely get out before it raised 10 feet deep with a torrent which turrouble to behold, and by the time I reached the top of the hill. At least 15 feet of water ...I lost ...the large Compass..a Serious loss; as we have no other large one..."


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