KNAPPTON, Wash. — The Astoria mother killed in a car crash in February, leaving behind two young daughters who survived overnight in the woods, had amphetamines and cannabis in her system at the time of the accident, according to recently released toxicology results from the Washington State Patrol.

Trooper Russel Winger in the Bremerton WSP office, said there was positive indications of THC and an amphetamine in Jessica Marie Rath’s system, but Winger did not know the level of intoxication or how the drugs may have factored into the crash.

Rath, 26, of Astoria, died Feb. 20 when her vehicle left the roadway on Washington State Route 401 and hit a tree sometime between midnight and 2 a.m.

Two fishermen – praised as heroes – discovered the wreck on their way to work at around 8 a.m. The men, Kraai McClure and Scott Beutler, noticed an odd scar on a tree that looked recent. They called 911 to ask if anyone had reported a crash, then they turned back to take a second look at what they had seen.

They found Rath, slumped over the wheel of her vehicle; her daughters, Aryanna Huff, 4, and Lyllah Huff, 2, were huddled beside the crash in the cold, asking for help for their mommy and shivering in the 40-degree weather.

Aryanna had pulled her younger sibling, suffering from pretty serious injuries, from the wreckage and was praised as a hero in her own right for having saved her sister’s life. The little girl’s bravery grabbed national headlines.

According to initial reports, Rath and her children had driven to Westport, Wash., the night before the crash to meet the children’s father, who the mother believed was coming into Westport on a commercial fishing boat. She later discovered he was instead coming in to the Port of Portland and turned around. The couple last spoke via cellphone after midnight Wednesday morning, while Rath and the girls were still en route back to Astoria. The children were alone at the accident scene for as long as seven or eight hours.

When the accident occurred, The Daily Astorian reported Rath had been sentenced to 10 days in jail just one month prior to the accident for heroin possession and third-degree theft in Cowlitz County Superior Court.


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