The national HALLOWEEN CANDY BUY BACK ( buys collected Halloween candy back from kids for $1 a pound, then sends it to the troops overseas.

DR. STEPHANIE WHITE and GEARHART DENTISTRY participated in the program. "We had 50 kids show up, and they donated 162 pounds," CATHY JO KIRKPATRICK, a dental hygienist at Gearhart Dentistry, wrote to the Ear. "Adults dropped off extra candy that was not handed out to trick-or-treaters, and their donations were 113.5 pounds. Each of the kids made a thank you card to send with their sweet donation."

Pictured above, middle, helping drop off goodies, from left, GARY and RILEY KUHL, IAN CAMERON and DOUGIE CAMERON in the driver seat. EMMA CAMERON is in the back seat.

Also pictured, bottom, from left, JEFF KRISTOVICH, Dr. Stephanie White, Cathy Jo Kirkpatrick, SKYLER YOSHINO, KAISA YOSHINO, JAMIE STRATTON, KATHY HORNING, JOHN and KIM WRIGHT and SCOTT WHITE, holding MAKENNA WHITE.

"More people dropped extra candy off during the week to put us at more than 300 pounds of candy," Kirkpatrick added. With all those sweet treats, the soldiers' teeth will need some extra attention, too. "We also mailed three cases of tooth paste and toothbrushes donated by Oral B."


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