Hey, why don't they tell you to look in BOTH ends of the frozen turkey before you cook it (or do they, and I just ignored it???!!!)? Ha!

Because I nearly cooked a plastic bag full of giblets (eeeuuuwwwww!!!) the last time I attempted to cook a turkey for the holidays. Therefore, that was the last time I ever attempted such a thing. TEEHEE!

Thank goodness, my mother-in-law was there as I got ready to put the turkey into the oven, and she happened to check inside the bird and found the bag. Disaster averted.

But I remember one year when we couldn't avoid disaster. That was the year when the oven's pilot light blew out and Mom couldn't relight it - and we couldn't think of anyone to call for help. So, she pulled out the electric skillet. Oh, yes, I said ELECTRIC SKILLET. And that's where she cooked our Thanksgiving turkey. Yeah. Not so good. Ha!

So, what's YOUR biggest turkey-cooking/Thanksgiving Day meal disaster (or near-disaster)????


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