The production crew of "ROLLIN' ON TV," the cable TV network program about recreational vehicles and the RV lifestyle, will be in the Nehalem area next week to visit the NAGA RESEARCH GROUP and its use of a local campground as its headquarters to study the BEESWAX WRECK PROJECT - a Spanish galleon full of beeswax (hence the name, of course) and other cargo that sank in the Nehalem area, possibly as early as the 1600s.

Pictured above, a segment of GORDON MILLER's painting of the wreck (

"We expect we'll be on site at their Nehalem State Campground location early afternoon on Friday the 30th," JEFF JOHNSTON of "Rollin' On TV" wrote to the Ear, and the show's crew will spend a few days with the Naga group, "shooting their activities, interviewing the principals involved, and so on."

"Part of our show concerns looking at the ways people use RVs to help facilitate their activities and serve as base camps for their pastimes," Jeff explained. "In the Nehalem example, the crew stays in a campground and the RV serves as their temporary headquarters while on site doing their wreck research. It's that use of the RVs, and of course the fascinating work they're doing, that will make up the story contents."

"Rollin' On TV" ( can be seen on Cox Sports Television, Untamed Sports TV and the Dish Network. There's lots of information about the intriguing Beeswax Wreck Project at (


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