Unemployment benefit checks for almost 28,000 Oregonians will be nearly 11 percent smaller this week.

The federal across-the-board budget cut known as "sequestration" is responsible for the 10.7 percent cut to extended unemployment benefits. Basically, Oregonians who have been collecting unemployment for more than 26 weeks -- and are now on federal extensions - will see a cut. Oregon Employment Department spokesman Craig Spivey says those affected will lose about 30 dollars a week, on average.

He explained, "So it will affect everyone who was on the federal extended benefits. Again, want to emphasize that anyone on the regular benefits, won't be affected by this."

People in their first 26 weeks of unemployment benefits will maintain their current compensation levels. There are nearly twice as many unemployed Oregonians on that set of benefits, as those who receive the now-reduced extended benefits.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.