Preparatory work to begin refilling a hillside that was excavated this spring apparently triggering a land movement in Astoria's Uppertown area, should begin soon.

Public Works Director Mitch Mitchum said this morning that the city has authorized the owner Skip Hauke to direct his contractor to take the first steps to begin filling in the excavated hillside.

That came following a meeting Wednesday in Portland during which the city's consultant, Landslide Technology, Hauke's engineers from Geotechnical Solutions and other geotech engineers reviewed design plans for the fill project submitted by Geotechnical Solutions.

The design had been submitted to the city along with a fill permit application by Hauke, which came in response to a recommendation by Landslide Technology on how to stop the movement.

Hauke's contractor, Jim Wilkins Construction Co. of Astoria, had excavated the hillside on Lief Erikson Drive near 33rd Street to make way for a commercial development. Soon after the excavation was completed this spring, homeowners in the area reported their homes and property were suffering from damage which they believed was caused by the land movement.

At the meeting Wednesday, Mitchum said there were differences between the plans Geotechnical Solutions had submitted and Landslide Technology's recommendations. He said those plans will be resubmitted Friday for review by Landslide Technology.

"If it's acceptable to them it will be acceptable to the city," he said.

The differences arose in how Geotechnical Solutions had proposed filling in the site, compared with the method Landslide Technology recommended, but Mitchum said the differences were unlikely to stop progress on the project.

Mitchum said he's having a pre-construction meeting today to see when the fill project can be completed, and said early estimates are 10 days.


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