The latest report on the condition of the earth movement in Uppertown is that it is stable but with some slight movement likely caused by seasonal rainfall.

City Manager Dan Bartlett gave an update to the Astoria City Council at its meeting Monday night, saying he was also pleased to report that N.W. Natural gas company would be posting their data on the movement onto the city's Web page.

Information from inclinometers in boreholes drilled into the slide area by the city's geotechnical consultant is regularly posted on the site. For some time, local residents have been pushing the city to see the data from N.W. Natural's inclinometers the firm drilled into the area to monitor the slide to see how it could affect gas lines. The company has declined to make their results public, citing legal reasons.

But starting soon, Bartlett said the data will be on the city's Web site: (

He also said the city's public works director, Mitch Mitchum, went to a meeting in Portland along with representatives from five geotechnical firms to discuss the status of the earth movement and reported back that it was the "consensus of the group that the rock fill interim stabilization is functioning well.

"It has stopped the earth movement at the Hauke site and has dramatically slowed the earth movement upslope," the report said.

Other findings from the city's report include:

An inclinometer in a borehole on Grand Avenue, about 100 feet west of 33rd Street, detected movement at 25 feet. In comparison to the last seven days of readings, that is a moderate decrease. The average movement for the area is 0.39 inch a month.

The inclinometer underneath the parking lot of the First Lutheran Church indicated a movement at 43 feet. That movement has averaged 0.43 inch a month.

The inclinometer located on 33rd Street about 30 feet South of Harrison Avenue, shows moderate movement at 56 feet that has averaged 0.14 inch per month.

Astoria has received about 13 inches of rain since the start of December, and it is believed that it could be a factor in the remaining movement.


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