Readings from a private company studying the Uppertown earth movement in Astoria were posted on the Internet Tuesday.

The data is from the company Landslide Technology, and is gathered from inclinometer readings. On the Web residents can look over graphs plotting the data in Adobe documents based on information gathered in August. The city's Web site is (

In early August, the firm drilled inclinometers into the Uppertown area to study the land movement that began in spring. Several homes have been damaged as the hills in the area move because of an unknown reason.

As new data and information becomes available, it will be posted on the Web, the city's public works department has said.

Currently the city plans to offer some sort of interim solution by October to stop the movement in time for the rainy season. The data collected by Landslide Technology will be used to determine an interim solution.

For more information, contact the public works department at 338-5173.


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