A Portland General Electric repair crew continues to work under a street in downtown Portland, in an effort to restore power to an eight-block area.

The darkened area includes Portland City Hall, the Multnomah County courthouse, and a handful of business and office buildings.

PGE officials say a cable failure over the weekend caused a fire underground. It initially cut off power across 19 downtown blocks - but much of that area had electricity restored Sunday.

PGE senior vice president Bill Nicholson says getting the rest of the power back is complicated.

"It takes specialty tools, specialty crews - only a few people know how to do these type of complicated splices," Nicholson said. "In addition, that manhole there is one of the smaller manholes in downtown Portland -- only a few people can be in it at a time. It's just very time-consuming, more than what you would like, but we'll stay after it, until it's done."

Nicholson says PGE aims to have the power restored by late Monday, but he didn't put an exact time on it.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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