Oregon Public Broadcasting

A donor has stepped forward to replace the head of a beloved sculpture in Vancouver's Esther Short Park.

The ten-foot Wendy Rose sculpture was commissioned in honor of women welders who worked the city's shipyards during World War II.

Earlier this month, vandals beheaded the statue. Police haven't determined who's responsible.

But some high school students from Fort Vancouver High School's Industrial Arts program welded a replacement - in the image of Bender, a robot from the TV series Futurama.

Vancouver City spokeswoman Barbara Ayers says the city did get some phone calls about the replacement.

"The city really appreciates the creativity of our local welding students. We think what they do is pretty cool and amazing but this is a piece of public art, and it had an original intent. Our intent to replace that to its full glory so that it maintains authenticity with its intentions."

So the Bender head has been removed.

Ayers says the owners of a local industrial company, Thompson Metal Fab, have stepped forward with cash to have the sculpture's original head replaced.

Ayers notes many people in the city had a relative or knew a woman who worked on the waterfront.

The original artists will make the replacement.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.