Weekend damage may total more than $30,000At least 30 buildings in Astoria and one in Warrenton had windows broken early Sunday morning in a string of vandalisms that could amount to more than $30,000 in total damage.

The windows in Astoria were likely shot out with a BB gun, but it was unclear Monday morning how the window in Warrenton was broken.

Astoria Police discovered the first broken window at Cellular Connections after midnight when Officer Chris McNeary had stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation, and heard a shot and saw a plate glass window break at the cell phone business located at 261 W. Marine Drive. Officers Paul Gillum and John Hord joined McNeary and the three officers found other stores in the vicinity of Cellular Communications with broken windows and soon discovered many others as they expanded their search east and west in town.

According to a report by Gillum, each window is worth an estimated $1,000 and as 30 buildings lost windows in Astoria alone, the total cost of damage could be more than $30,000.

"The windows are large front plate glass that are easily shot at by a passing vehicle," he said.

He said some windows had been completely shot out and others had been cracked. But at this point, the police have few leads.

"There are no suspects, no known vehicles and no exact times," Gillum said.

And as business started Monday morning, Gillum said he expected the police department would have more reports of broken windows start to trickle in.

A few of the buildings in Astoria with broken windows included the Klamath First Federal Bank at 303 11th St., Old Town Framing at 1287 Commercial St., the Elks Lodge at 453 11th St., Hunt's Home Furnishings at 1535 Commercial St., the Astoria Aquatic Center at 1997 Marine Drive and Lums Auto Center at 1625 Exchange St.

In Warrenton, police department secretary Kathi Smith said one window was broken in a building being remodeled in the Premarq Plaza off U.S. Highway 101. She said the window was estimated to cost $600.

"We had just the one," Smith said. "We know it is vandalism."

Ryan Morris one of the owners of Morris Glass & Construction in Astoria said his company received calls at midnight, 2 and 3 in the morning, Sunday about broken windows. He said he boarded up three or four buildings in town and would continue to work on getting the windows replaced through the rest of the week.


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