With baseball and softball season upon us, parents and grandparents are voicing concerns about the latest closure of the Tapiola bathrooms.

Vandals struck the area again, this time removing the sinks from the walls in one of the men’s restrooms. But for those attending the games, many are wondering where to go in the event they “have to go.”

Dave Patterson, whose grandson Kai Brown plays for Astoria High School, said the bathrooms have been closed on and off all season. And although he agrees the vandalism is an issue, he says visiting teams have nowhere to change their clothes. He also said those wanting to watch the games shouldn’t have to worry about restroom accessibility. He says he hopes the city will bring in portable restrooms for any future events.

“I know this is the last year,” Patterson said of the new sports complex being constructed on Williamsport Road. “But this vandalism isn’t anything new. It’s been going on for 30 or 40 years. It’s an ongoing problem, but bring in some Porta Potties for a school function. I don’t think you’re allowed to have a function without a bathroom.”

Vandalism in the city’s bathrooms – including Tapiola, the Exchange Street bathrooms and the Doughboy – has been an ongoing issue that the Astoria Parks Department and Police Department are trying to deal with.

Phil Elkins, the maintenance supervisor of parks, said the two women’s restroom facilities and one men’s facility are open currently. The second men’s facility will be open in time for Thursday’s game, Elkins said.


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