Cori Potter-Mullen

25 years ago

May 20, 1982

•It’s been nine long years since Orson Kelly of Gearhart started trying to do something with the Windjammer property in Gearhart and last week the Clatsop County Planning Commission finally cleared the way for a convention center complex which will straddle Marion Avenue with a connecting tunnel to run under the street.

Part of the operation lies within the city limits of Gearhart and part lies outside the town so it was necessary for Kelly to get both city and county approval of height, setback and parking variances.

Kelly said the only hurdle he still has to clear is getting final plans approved, a step he anticipates will take two or two and a half months.

•An agreement for expansion, modernization and operation of the Port of Astoria grain elevators, signed by a Korean company and a Midwest grain marketing cooperative, will result in lower tax bills for Clatsop County property owners, as well as added income for the port and jobs in the future, port vice president Henry Desler of Seaside said this week.

The modernization project will see up to $50 million spent on the elevators by Pan Ocean Bulk Carriers, Ltd, of South Korea and AGRI Industries, Desler said, adding that the improvements will go on the tax rolls and help lessen the bite on local property owners.

50 years ago

May 16, 1957

•One of the hazards of operating a swimming pool was demonstrated Monday night about 10 o’clock when a resident of the area phoned to the police to inform them that several boys, each of them very, very nude, had run through a vacant lot between Second and Third avenue east of Downing.

On investigation the police learned that the boys had taken an uninvited swim in the City Center pool and were hurrying to retrieve their clothing.

•A program for a two-year planning survey is Seaside got underway this week with the arrival here of John M. Amundson, planning consultant for the Bureau of Municipal Research of the University of Oregon, and Robert Furrer, planning technician and a recent graduate of the school of architecture of the University of Oregon.

The project will be paid for jointly by the city and the federal government, each of which will pay $4,000 annually toward its cost.

75 years ago

June 2, 1932

•Among the many who visited Seaside over Decoration Day weekend was one who failed to register at any of the cottages or hotels and left as soon as possible. The deer—for so it was—was first sighted early Sunday morning on South Seventh Street near the Shultz service station. Frightened by discoverers the wild creature leaped over a nearby fence, dashed to the river and swam across just south of the Avenue G bridge. Through Hermosa Park and up to First Street the deer wandered. But there were too many people in Seaside that day to suit it and so it turned south and went home to Tillamook Head to report to its comrades an exciting weekend trip.

•Some further progress in the water suit brought by the city of Gearhart against the city of Seaside was made this week when an order was issued in the circuit court to permit the plaintiff to file an amended complaint. The action is the result of a demurrer brought by the defense attorneys

The city of Gearhart is seeking a permanent injunction to enforce the preset water contract between the two cities.

100 years ago

June 15, 1907

•J. Bowlsby an undertaker of North Bend, shot and killed Cleve Jennings, of the same place, on board the steamer, Alliance, at Astoria yesterday morning. Jennings had run away with Bowlsby’s wife. It is alleged Bowlsby is, of course, crazy, or else guiltless of murder by the unwritten law. But Clatsop County will have to bear the expense of a murder trail that really belongs to Coos County.

•The school board has employed the following teachers for the next term of school, which will commence on Monday, September 16th. J. W. Branstator, of Ashland, Ore., as principal, Misses Beatrice Robinson, Maud Yoder, Dell Young of Hillsboro, and Maybelle Snelling.

•There are now four gasoline launches in the Necanicum. The first to make its appearnce was that of Alex Gilber, jr., then Fred Moore’s, then Louis Henrich’s, and now comes C. L. DuBois with a big fellow—one that will seat 20 people.


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