SEASIDE – The Portland-based Oregon Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps has become a Seaside Independence Day celebration tradition.

Over the last seven years the competitive corps has been marching in Seaside’s annual Fourth of July Parade.

On July 3, 135 members of the Corps put on a special free public presentation at Broadway Field and on July 4 held a presentation at the Seaside Turnaround. Seaside resident Larry Kriegshauser was master of ceremonies at the July 3 event.

“I have been a supporter of the Drum and Bugle Corp for the last 30 years and I attend many of their shows around the Northwest,” he said. “This event is really a day off for these kids and the opportunity for folks to see that they are more than a group just marching by in a parade.”

The two presentations drew applause and cheers from those watching.

“When you see what this does for young people, you see the discipline and you see the success,” Kriegshauser said. “Seaside has a ton of people here for the holiday just because the Drum Corps is here.”

Drum Corps member Tyler Mills, 19, from Yakima, Wash., said the Corps brings many great musicians together.

“Many of us have of dreams to play with great musicians,” Mills said. “Music and the Corps just pulls us all together.”

Mills said while the performances are fun, they are also very disciplined.

“Yes, the discipline is for the hard work and when all of us play well, then we have fun,” he said.

This is Mills first year with the Corps as a drummer.

“I tried out for three years, but I didn’t make it, so this is my first year,” he said. “It’s a dream come true for me.”

Kaitlin Brown, 18, from Hillsboro, plays the marimbas with the Corps. She said being with the group allows her to make many friends. Brown agrees that the group is very disciplined.

“It’s like a light switch,” she said. “You have to turn on the fun and turn it off sometimes in order to perform and be serious.”

Seaside City Councilor Tita Montero called the Drum and Bugle Corps presentations “amazing.”

“We are lucky they choose to come here,” Montero said. “They add so much to our parade.”

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