SEASIDE- Swimming for dollars!

It was all business and lots of fun for the members of the Seaside Swim Team as they hit the water at Sunset Pool for the fifth annual swim-a-thon to raise money to continue the children’s program.

The swim team members are from 5 to 14 years old.

“The program runs at a deficit,” said Genesee Dennis, with Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District and a parent who’s two sons were taking part in the event. “So each year we need to come up with $5,000 for the pool rental, transportation and lodging costs for swim meets, and for training expenses.”

Each swim team member sets a goal of how far they will swim. Young swimmers try for 500 yards while the older teammates strive for two miles during the swim-a-thon. Each member also solicits donations toward the team’s financial goal.

“The kids go out and they ask family, friends, neighbors and local businesses for donations,” Dennis said. “Parents of the swim team members also volunteer at different community venues to help raise funding.”

The swim-a-thon is the largest fundraiser for the Seaside Swim Team.

This year’s swim-a-thon goal was $3,000. The tally has yet to be completed, but donations counted so far have reached $1,500.

Swim team coach Meghan McKeown hopes the kids take away a sense of responsibility for the event.

“They all worked hard,” said McKeown. “They all raised money for this event and each of the team members got some good exercise in the swim. It’s a fun way for them to realize how they can help.”

She adds that the swim team program provides the kids with a fun and safe place to enjoy a sport that they can participate in no matter what age or ability they have.

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