violent winds continue

we purchase a unique hat from the indians

Meriwether Lewis - May 2, 1805

"The wind continued violent all night nor did it abate much of its violence this morning, when at daylight it was attended with snow which continued to fall until about 10 A.M. being about one inch deep, it formed a singular contrast with the (trees and other) vegitation which was considerably advanced. Some flowers had put forth in the plains, and the leaves of the cottonwood were as large as a dollar... Joseph Fields one of the hunters who was out today found several yards of scarlet cloth which had been suspended on the bough of a tree near an old indian hunting cam(p), where it had been left as a sacrefice to the deity by the Indians, probably of the Assiniboine nation...they ...offer him the article which they most prize themselves ... this being the most usual method of weshiping the great sperit as they term the is produce the happy eventuation of the important occurrences incident to human nature, such as relief from hunger or malady, protection from their enemies or the delivering them into their hands...sacrefices of a similar kind are also made to the deceased by their friends and relatives."