Peter Roscoe will be the new member of the Astoria City Council.

Roscoe won a decisive victory Tuesday over two other political newcomers seeking the Ward 2 position on the five-member council. Roscoe received 282 votes or 52 percent of the 534 votes cast.

June Lake received 132 or 24 percent. Tryan Hartill got 110 or 20 percent. Only 31 percent of the 1,695 registered voters in Ward 2 returned ballots in the mail-in election.

Roscoe, 58, is the owner of Fulio's Pastaria, a downtown Astoria restaurant. He is married and the father of two children.

"I'm still a little nervous but I'm happy that I won," he said just moments after the result was announced Tuesday night. "I hope I can do a good job and I hope never to let anyone down."

A chef and nearly native Astorian, Roscoe attended elementary school here and graduated from Star of the Sea High School. He attended college, served in the U.S. Navy, and then lived in Portland and elsewhere for many years before returning to Astoria in 1999.

The Ward 2 seat has been vacant since May 1, when Les Zimmer resigned shortly after being elected unopposed to a four-year term. Roscoe will fill the unexpired term, which ends Dec. 31, 2008.

Roscoe will be sworn in at the Oct. 3 City Council meeting.

One of his first tasks will be helping Mayor Willis Van Dusen and the other council members - Joyce Compere, Blair Henningsgaard and Russ Warr - choose a new city manager to succeed Dan Bartlett, who retired at the end of June and has stayed on as a contract employee. Roscoe will also vote on whether to uphold Bartlett's Aug. 12 dismissal of Mitch Mitchum, the city's public works director, or grant Mitchum's appeal, which is tentatively scheduled to be heard at the Oct. 17 city council meeting.

"It looks like we get our feet wet on this Mitch Mitchum issue," Roscoe said Tuesday night. "My priority is what's in front of me."

Roscoe said he doesn't have an agenda but sees things he would like to have happen, from supporting the arts to developing the Safeway block. "It's a group thing. It's not me and my ideas. It's what we do as a team to make Astoria grow."

Roscoe has said Astoria needs to preserve its heritage and working waterfront and encourage tourism, while also developing an industrial base. He does not rule out liquefied natural gas plant (LNG) as a way to achieve that. He favors an Astoria bypass and a realignment of the intersection of Eighth and Commercial streets and wants to keep Clatsop Community College in its present location.

He would like to see the city buy out the American Legion and develop a public plaza downtown on the old Safeway block, while keeping some parking there.

Lake said she is disappointed but the voters made their choice and she accepts it.

She said she will continue to attend City Council meetings. "I plan to continue my civic involvement and I'll sure be keeping an eye on everything," she said.

Hartill said he too will stay involved.

"Congratulations to Peter. I know he'll do a good job on the council," he said.

Hartill said he's disappointed that he wasn't elected but will stay involved. He will go to council meetings and try to get them more involved in thinking about energy, he said, and hopes the city develops an energy policy. He would also like Astoria to have a program like ThugzOff Drugz, to help battle the meth problem.

Roscoe praised the other two candidates.

"I think my opponents were terrific and I enjoyed our discussion together (at the Candidate Forum)," he said. "I hope they continue to be involved. Particularly Tryan has a lot of great ideas."


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