SEASIDE - Bernie Thomas and Dave Langlo from the Wahanna Action Group thanked the Seaside City Council Monday for making traffic changes on Wahanna Road.

Public Works Director Neal Wallace said the department will install signs decreasing the speed limit to 30 mph and adding a four-way stop sign where the road intersects with 12th Avenue Thursday, weather permitting.

Drivers should watch out for police enforcing the change, although warnings will be verbal unless the violations are severe. "With the new stop sign out there, I think it's important to have the sheriff and the police as visible as possible," Wallace said. He is very concerned for vehicle and pedestrian safety as drivers get used to the change.

Thomas said she wants extra enforcement and asked about crosswalks for 12th Avenue. Wallace said the lack of sidewalks at the intersection makes crosswalks unlikely for now. "I'm a little nervous about crosswalks going off into nothing," he said.

During public comment, Gary Diebolt thanked the council for supporting the car event Wheels and Waves, which brought 374 classic cars to town last weekend. Diebolt said combining the event with the annual Firemen's Ball allowed firefighters to raise more money for equipment and gave car show attendees something to do. "It was a win-win for the whole community," he said.

Jeff Holwege asked the council about the possibility of installing flashing lights by Seaside High School on U.S. Highway 101 to remind drivers to slow down. Councilors thanked him for the suggestion but did not take action.


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