I refer to a campaign flyer I have found posted in several locations around Seaside. The front of the poster announces the candidacies of Linda Lowry and Marti Wajc for Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District Board of Directors postions, apparently running on the same platform. What that platform might be is not easy to discern for the backside of the flyer offers up spurious facts and figures and impenetrable logic. Allow me to illucidate.

Marti and Linda firstly put forth figures from the District's March 31, 2007 revenue and expense report to demonstrate that District operating expenses ($969,806) are less than tax receipts ($1,125,386). Linda and Marti then ask the reader to consider "Which is bigger taxes or expenses?" As of March 31 the answer is "taxes". What they fail to note is that in March the District has received essentially all the taxes for the year (taxes come due in November), but still has to operate for three more months before the end of the fiscal year, then the District needs to have a large unending fund balance to cover operating expenses until November of the next year when taxes come due again.

Then Marti and Linda proceed to cite figures from the District's June 30, 2006 revenue and expense report which show that expenditures (they cite $1,369,745; the actual figure is $1,447, 049) are greater than tax receipts ($1,143,637). At this point Marti and Linda fail to ask themselves the same question they asked regarding the figures from 3/31/07, and consequently they conclude, by some form of wishful thinkging or faulty logic that the taxes are greater than the expenses and so the District doesn't really need to charge user fees because taxes cover 100% of operating expenses. The figures speak for themselves; the assertion that taxes cover 100% of operating expenses is patently false.

I encourage you to read the flyer carefully if you find one hanging about, choose not to encumber the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District with this type of muddy thinking and tunnel vision and vote for the other two candidates, June Stromberg and Judy Ann Dugan.


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