The National Weather Service in Portland has issued a high surf advisory in effect until 9 p.m this evening for the South Washington and North and Central Oregon coastline.

Here are details:

• seas: 21 to 22 ft at 16 seconds will subside slowly late this afternoon and this evening to near 17 ft at 15 seconds.

• surf: the surf zone will be chaotic and rough. Erratic and unpredictable sneaker waves will be possible into this evening.

• impacts: this is not the time to be near the surf zone. Debris such as logs in the surf zone can be rolled and even tossed onshore quickly without warning. Larger sneaker waves can catch people off guard, causing people to lose their balance and fall into the cold ocean water. Residents are advised to stay away from rocks, jetties and inlets close to the surf zone.

A high surf advisory means that high surf will affect beaches in the advisory area, producing rip currents and localized beach erosion.