GEARHART – It happens each summer and each summer officials say they become a bit craftier.

Seaside and Gearhart Police are warning residents to be aware of door-to-door sales people and the pitches they use designed to take your money.

Gearhart Police Chief Jeff Forman said the newest twist on the door-to-door sales involves a contest.

“So they say they aren’t selling, but they are signing you up for a contest,” he said. “But in reality it’s a gimmick to get your money.”

The sales pitches can vary but frequently include magazines or cleaning products sales.

Police say the sales people are usually young men and women in their teens brought into a neighborhood in a van. They usually filter through a neighborhood going door-to-door quickly.

“They will come in and hit the area until they are contacted by the police and then they move on,” said Bob Gross, Seaside Police Chief.

Many times the door-to-door sales people can be aggressive and often target the elderly, according to the Oregon Attorney General’s spokesman Tony Green.

“They often make promises that they cannot keep,” Green said. “Some of these people also place their foot in the door so you can’t close it.”

The Oregon Attorney General’s office continues to warn consumers about purchasing anything from door-to-door sales people.

“Some communities take a hard line and arrest them,” said Gross. “We make them aware that business licenses are required and if they attempt to sell without the license they will be cited.”

Those who sell door-to-door in Seaside without a license could face a fine not to exceed $500 and the materials they are attempting to sell would be confiscated.

Police urge residents approached by door-to-door sales people to ask to see their business license.

“If they don’t have a business license, don’t do business with them. Get a physical description of the sales people and any vehicle they may be using andcall police,” said Gross.

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