WARRENTON - Todd Cullison and the North Coast Watershed Association have received a city letter of support in efforts to rally various governmental agencies to improve the watershed health of the Skipanon Slough Tidegate off Warrenton's Galena Road.

Cullison recently came before the city commission to explain NCWA's interested in pursuing the Skipanon Slough tidegate watershed and salmon restoration project with "the city's assistance."

City Manager Scott Derickson explained that the city is participating in NCWA's Eighth Street dam lifting mechanism project.

"The project will consist of removing, relocating and replacing the tidegate for improved water quality and salmon restoration," Cullison explained. "We are currently researching the most effective way to implement the project, for example; we have a preliminary restoration plan from the Army Corps of Engineers and are seeking preliminary cost for local contractors as well."

The commission unanimously approved an official letter for the concept of the project; there was no stipulation or indication of city fiscal support on the project.

NCWA, a nonregulatory agency, has identified three problems with the Skipanon Slough: poor water quality, restriction of salmonid passage, and potential flooding/property damage liability.

Its preliminary solution includes removing and replacing the tidegate in a new location and at a lower elevation under Galena Road; install an aluminum lid with a slider door like at Holbrook Slough and Alder Creek.

Cullison noted that the desired results would be improved water quality, decreased water temperature, increased dissolved oxygen and salinity intrusion; improved fish passage while restoring a connection between Skipanon River and Slough.


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