WARRENTON - The Warrenton Police Department is asking to exchange nine department Glock handguns for nine new night sight models. Cost would be about $900, and city commissioners need to give the go-ahead.

The issue is slated for the next commission meeting. Commissioner Lisa Lamping asked that Police Chief Scott Church be present to answer questions before the matter comes to a vote.

"I think you know my stance of this; I would like (Church) to be here because I do have questions," Lamping said.

Church gave his three core advantages to trading in the Glocks to the manufacturer for the upgraded products with night sights:

•Additional refinement has gone into the type of materials used by Glock as well as safety features.

•Purchase of the night sights would cost between $70 to $ 80 uninstalled. So, for $98, the department could trade in the old for a more updated model with the equipment installed.

•New Glocks are designed with a new frame that has finger grooves and "tactical accessory rails" for future accessories.

Night sights would enable local officers to "obtain sight acquisition" when there is little or no light, the chief told commissioners. The department has eight sworn full-time officers; the ninth weapon would be used as a spare in the event an officer's weapon is damaged or the officer is involved in a shooting, Church added.

Department policy states that in the event of a shooting, the officer's duty weapon is confiscated until an investigation is completed, the chief added.

Church learned of the trade-in option while attending a recent chief's convention in Florence, he explained. Glock Inc. is located in Meridian, Idaho.


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