WARRENTON — The Warrenton Community Center will get a facelift.

Used for senior meals, wedding receptions and parties, as well as other community activities, the center will be re-sided and painted – country redwood with white trim.

“The project is to re-side, remove the cedar siding, and have it all painted,” Engineer of Record Jim Rankin told the City Commission Tuesday night.

The south side of the building had been re-sided a couple of years ago, Rankin added, but it was never painted. Now, it will have to be reprimed and painted with the rest of the building.

 The project is expected to cost between $30,000 and $38,000, unless issues like dry rot are discovered, which could then bring the project up to $43,000, Rankin said.

Bids will be advertised next week. Because Commissioner Mark Baldwin, a contractor, plans to bid on the project, he recused himself from the discussion and decision.

The project was approved and is expected to be completed by Nov. 15.