The Georgia-Pacific Wauna Mill celebrated a safety record at the Paper Machine 6 Project four times better than the national average.

Some 750 construction workers have logged 500,000 safe working hours without a lost-time injury, according to a press release.

The current recordable incident rate is 1.4. The rate is calculated by multiplying the number of recordable injuries by 200,000 and dividing by the total number of hours worked.

There have been four recordable injuries on the project so far this year, so once the project hits 800,000 hours worked, the recordable incident rate will be 1.0, said mill spokeswoman Kristi Ward.

Generally speaking, a recordable incident is any injury that requires a physician's assistance.

The $200 million construction project is running two shifts, as work reaches its peak. The company hosted a celebratory lunch for the two shifts.

"We have been pleased with the way all of the contractors and trades have been working together to promote safety," said David Sessoms, G-P's project safety manager.

The Wauna Mill itself has gone 34 days without an incident.