The Warrenton Business Association set its top three goals for the year at its annual goal-setting workshop Feb. 3.

The goals laid out by the group are to focus on the beautification of downtown Hammond and downtown Warrenton; keep business owners better informed about issues affecting them, and work to establish a Christmas club similar to one in existence in Astoria.

"Our highest priority is to focus on projects that will benefit businesses and add to the city's economic stability," said Cindy Yingst, WBA secretary. "No one wants to shop or grab coffee in an area that looks dumpy."

In other WBA news, three new salmon sculptures grace the walls in commission chambers at Warrenton City Hall - purchased by the Warrenton Business Association. The scupltures were crafted by local artist Vern Wilson of Wildlife Metal Art.

"They're just a beautiful addition to the commission room," City Commissioner Mark Kujala said Wednesday. "They're really striking. We're really grateful to have them and grateful to the WBA for providing them."

The city is working on developing an identity or theme of sorts, and the WBA plans to purchase more art that can be installed in other places outdoors throughout the city.

"We were looking for a way to enhance City Hall and his art kind of fell into what our identity is," said WBA member Krista Bingham, who worked with Iverson in picking out the sculptures. "We want to expand on it in the years to come."

The Warrenton Business Association is an advisory group appointed by the City Commission to represent the town's business interests and to develop ways to increase the city's economic vitality. Beautification is one of its primary goals.

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