we lose provisions when one of our canoes sinks

we purchase a unique hat from the indians

"...here we dined and for the first time in three weeks past I had a good dinner of Blue wing Teel, after dinner we Set out and had not proceeded on tow miles before our Stern Canoe in passing through a Short rapid ... run on a Smooth rock and turned broad Side, the men got out on the [rock] all except one of our Indian Chiefs who Swam on Shore, the Canoe filed and Sunk a number of articles floated out, Such as the mens bedding and clothes & Skins ... the greatedr part of which were cought by 2 of the Canoes ... Tomahaws Shot pouches Skins Clothes &c. &c. all wet ewe had every articles ex posed to the Sun to dry on the Island, our loos in provisions is verry considerable ... we have made it a point at all time not to take anything belonging to the Indians even their wood. But at this time we are Compelled to violate that rule and take a part of the Split timber we find here bured for fire wood, as no other is to be found in any direction. Our Small Canoe which was a head returned at night with 2 ores which they found floating below."


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