we purchase cedar bark hats from the clatsop indians

we purchase a unique hat from the indians

"We were visited today by two Clatsop women and two boys who brought a parsel of excellent hats made of Cedar bark and ornamented with beargrass. Two of these hats had been made by measures which Capt. Clark and myself had given one of the women some time since with a request to make each of us a hat; they fit us very well and are in the form we desired them. we purchased all of their hats and distributed them among the party. The woodwork and sculpture of these people as well as those hats and the water proof baskits evince an ingenuity by no means common among the Aborigines of America. In the evening they returned to their village and Drewyer accompanied them in their canoe in order to get the dogs which the Clatsops have agreed to give us in payment for the Elk they stole from us some weeks go. These women informed us that the small fish began to run which we suppose to be herring from their description. They also informed us that their Chief, Conia or Comowool, had gone up the Columbia to the valley to purchase wappatoe...."