we see much wildlife as we continue our journey

we purchase a unique hat from the indians

"Set out early this morning, or before sunrise; still continued our march through the valley...the plains near the mountains rise higher and are more broken with some scattering pine near the mountain ... we saw many deer, Antelopes ducks, gees, some beaver and a great appearance of their work.... Capt Clark set out this morning as usual ..he saw a track which he supposed to be that of an Indian from the circumstance of the large toes turning inward. He pursued the track and found that the person had ascended a point of a hill from which his camp of the last evening was visible; this circumstance also confirmed the belief of it's being and Indian who had thus discovered them and run off. The men were compelled to be a great proportion of their time in the water today; they had a severe days labour and are much fortiegued. _"