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www.mapbureau.comIn what other industry can anyone on earth, from anywhere on earth (with a hookup, anyway) make a contribution to global enterprise? Chris Goad and Donalda Speight had a new innovation to contribute to Internet technology, and decided to move from Portland to Astoria to do it.

The couple had previously used their computer expertise to create manufacturing simulations for large companies, but about three years ago started working on interactive maps using Flash. They also pulled up stakes and headed for the coast. "It was sort of a good opportunity to change our line of work to something we were more interested in," Goad explained.

Some maps they've already done are showcased on their Web site. Many are animated and include historical timelines, like those for Lewis and Clark's journey or salmon populations over time in the Northwest; some feature photos and text for each clickable point, like a map of flower stands along U.S. Highway 101.

The newest offering is Blogmapper, where absolutely anyone with Internet access can create a blog (short for "weblog," or Web-based journal) and a map to go with it. Goad said he expects people will use Blogmapper for chronicling their travels, but just like the Internet itself, the possibilities are infinite.

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