The Goonies Vacation

www.thegoonies.orgIt's been nearly 20 years, and the kid-centric adventure flick "The Goonies" is still affecting people's lives. Goonie fans Ron Fugelseth and Patrick Radcliff, Web developers in Santa Cruz, Calif., decided to visit Astoria for a little fishing and ended up on a quest to find and film the famous locations seen in the movie.

Fugelseth said they found much of their information online at sites like Lights, Camera, Astoria (, but got valuable help from locals at the information booth in Cannon Beach and at Astoria Coffee Company.

The pair edited their exploits into a short film, "The Goonies Vacation," skillfully blending footage of their holiday with actual scenes of Sean Astin, Corey Feldman and the rest of the cast. (Eighties movie fans, look for scenes from "National Lampoon's Vacation" too.)

Although they only intended to make the movie as "something to show our wives," Fugelseth and Radcliff put the film on a Web site only two weeks ago and said they have been overwhelmed with the response. Japanese radio station ZIP-FM is interviewing the duo and the site was chosen as a "Pick of the Day" on the Yahoo! search engine.

Other pages on the site feature still shots of the locations, a message board for posting Goonies-related thoughts and an invitation for visitors to submit photos and video of their own pilgrimages to the Goonies' home town.

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