Oregon appears to be on the brink of its worst wine grape harvest since the vineyard industry started a few decades ago.

Oregon State University experts say the late spring and wet early fall are threatening to keep wine grapes from ripening in time for harvest.

OSU extension service agent Steve Renquist says this year's weather hasn't brought the warm weather necessary to sweeten the grapes.

"This, I'm sure is going to be one of the greatest challenges, if not the greatest challenge to the grape growers in Oregon. It's the coolest year in the past 50 or so, coupled with a shorter growing season. That's just made for kind of the worst-case scenario. There's no telling what'll happen, let's say, over the next month, but it doesn't look real good at this point," Renquist said.

Renquist says things could still turn around, but he says it would take sustained sun and heat for a few weeks. He says the situation isn't uniformly bad -- that wine growers in southern and eastern Oregon appear to be faring better than those around the Willamette Valley.

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