Two Weyerhaeuser Co. officials brought good news to the Liberty Theater Saturday night, prior to the concert by the Portland State University Chamber Orchestra. Rosemary Baker-Monaghan and Dale Williams announced a gift of $25,000.

Accepting the gift, Liberty Restoration President Steve Forrester said it would go toward a replica of the original canopy that will cover the theater entrance. The Liberty project architect has just completed a schematic design for the canopy and fund-raising for its fabrication will soon commence. Forrester said the Weyerhaeuser gift would provide the bedrock financial support.

"The Weyerhaeuser Co. Foundation is impressed with the progress of this project," said Baker-Monaghan, who works in the North Coast Forest Area office and is also a director of Liberty Restoration, Inc.

Williams, the recently appointed Warrenton Mill manager, presented the check, with words of encouragement: "We hope this gift will help get this worthy project to its next level."