CANNON BEACH — White Bird Gallery favorites Robert Schlegel, Jacquline Hurlbert and Barry McAlister will be featured for Spring Unveiling – May 3, 4, and 5 – with new painter Darcie Leighty. There will be a gallery reception 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, May 4 with live music by Portland duo Denim Wedding.

A special showing of mixed media paintings by Lisa Lamoreaux at Castaways Restaurant & Tiki Bar will also be showcased during the weekend as part of “Art From the Chef’s Table.”

Robert Schlegel is well-known in the region for expressive depictions of Northwest subjects that reflect his interest in the contrast of man-made structures and the landscape. Many of his subjects are drawn from rural environments, animals and architectural forms. With a moody sense of color and light, Schlegel’s familiar imagery reflects a strong sense of place, while some of his more painterly canvases possess a bold palette and brush-stokes that create tension between realism and abstraction.

Jacquline Hurlbert is also a popular Oregon artist who creates psychologically charged ceramic sculptures. Her colorful work utilizes imaginary figures with emotional faces and costuming to ask larger questions about one’s self. Hurlbert’s sculptures are a result of the ongoing investigation of personality, the inevitable change that happens to each of us every day, and the silent conversation that happens within.

New artist Darcie Leighty uses bold blocky forms and a vivid color palette to evoke an emotional remembrance of place. Her landscape-based works are depicted in rich hues of oranges, green and blues often capturing scenes of rural fields, docked boats and birds on power lines.

Barry McAlister returns this year with her contemporary functional ceramics. The former dancer/choreographer is inspired by elegant lines and graceful movements, which she translates into sculptural vessels and elusive vase-like forms.

White Bird Gallery is located at 251 N. Hemlock St. For more information call 503-436-2681 or visit



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