An Astoria woman was held against her will for about 21/2 hours while on a blind date Monday evening.

Her date for the night, James Herbert Cunningham, 32, 35303 Lyngstad Heights, was arrested for kidnapping, harassment, menacing and was booked into the Clatsop County Jail that night.

Deputy James O'Conner reported that he was called at about 9:30 Monday by the 30-year-old woman who said she had been set up on blind date with Cunningham and had taken a cab to his home. Once there, O'Conner said the woman told him that Cunningham was acting "very paranoid" and was concerned about warrants out for his arrest.

And in fact Cunningham did have three warrants for his arrest out on him for probation violations, which authorities also arrested him for.

After the woman began to feel threatened, O'Conner said in his report, she tried to leave but Cunningham blocked her way and grabbed her arms. He then took her hand and led her to a lower floor in his house, left her there and turned off the lights.

O'Conner said the woman stood in the darkened room for about two and half hours because she was afraid Cunningham may assault her. She eventually was able to leave Cunningham's home when a friend of hers who had arranged to meet her at a certain time that night came to Cunningham's home after she had called there repeatedly and received no answer.

When O'Conner contacted the woman he reported she was "emotionally distraught" by the incident.

Cunningham was later arrested at his home without incident.


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