A local woman is suing a national retailer for a serious finger injury she claims to have suffered while getting a manicure.

Diane Carrion filed the $485,464 lawsuit against J.C. Penney Co. last week in Lane County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit claims that Carrion went to the J.C. Penney department store at Valley River Center in Eugene to get a manicure in July 2012. She was injured during the visit when a manicurist "tore through (Carrion's) nail bed on her right index finger, punctured through the skin and caused it to bleed," according to the lawsuit.

Carrion returned to the store one month after her allegedly botched manicure to report that the injury was not healing and that her nail was not growing in the area of the puncture.

She was refunded her money and advised "to wait a few months for appropriate nail growth and to soak the wound" to help it heal, the lawsuit states.

But, according to the lawsuit, the finger's condition did not improve.

Carrion claims to have suffered finger inflammation and infection, along with cellulitis, an abcess and tenosynovitis -- a condition that can cause pain, swelling and joint stiffness.

Carrion's attorney, Tina Stupasky of Eugene, said her client endured three surgeries and has racked up more than $77,200 in medical bills.

"It's a major injury," Stupasky said.

Carrion will permanently suffer from limited range of motion in her finger, along with pain, discomfort, emotional distress and interference with her normal activities, according to the lawsuit.

Carrion is seeking $400,000 in noneconomic damages, along with reimbursement for medical care costs and $8,250 for lost wages.

Calls to J.C. Penney's corporate offices for comment were not returned.

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