During February, Gimre's Shoes hosted a shoe drive in conjunction with the national charity, Soles4Souls Inc., benefiting the people of Haiti and people involved in the relief effort after the earthquake.

According to owner Pete Gimre, "the results were beyond anything we anticipated and also reflects highly on the giving nature of people in our surrounding communities."

Gimre's in Astoria collected more than 500 pair of shoes - that's 15 cases - which were loaded onto a semi-truck headed to a Soles4Souls distribution center in Las Vegas and then on to Haiti.

Gimre reports that among the group's locations, organizers collected nearly 2,000 pairs of shoes weighing over one ton or 2,400 hundred pounds.

"During February, the shoe drive gained a life of its own and became a 'feel-good' way for people to help others in need without having to sacrifice their pocketbooks," said Pete Gimre.

Gimre and his brother Jon, who co-own Gimre's stores, offered a public "thank-you" to everyone who helped make the shoe drive such a success.

? About Soles4Souls:?Nashville-based Soles4Souls facilitates the donations of new and used shoes, which are distributed worldwide. Since its inception, Soles4Souls has collected more that 3 million pairs from shoe companies, retailers, and individuals. The shoes have been distributed in more than 60 countries, including Mexico, Honduras, Romania, Thailand and The Sudan. For details, log on to (www.GiveShoes.org) and (www.Soles4Souls.org) or call (866)521-SHOE.