A truck full of fish guts, freshly filled by Bornstein's Seafood on Portway Street, sloshed heads, blood and other muck out at the stoplight by the Portway Tavern late Tuesday morning.

Bornstein workers scraped, shoveled and eventually - with the help of Astoria Fire and Rescue - hosed down the area for almost an hour to rid the street of the smell and parts.

Oregon State Police and Astoria Police also responded to the incident.

An OSP trooper questioned driver Klaus Berhardt and inspected the vehicle.

Bernhardt was then cited for a leaking or shifting load, a Class B traffic violation, by Astoria Police.

Berhardt was sent on his way shortly before 1 p.m., where police say his rig continued to dump the fish parts across the Astoria Bridge.

OSP was dispatched to escort him.

• Check out Wednesday's edition of The Daily Astorian for more details.