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Survey Results, Part Two

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As I mentioned last month, we received more responses to our survey this year than ever before, and much of the response was favorable. Duh - it was sent to those on our mailing list! Still, we're not so foolish as to think that everyone loves everything about us. There was some dissention and concern, and we'll address some of these issues below. But for now let's talk about the love...

The fact is, everyone loves the food. More than 95% rated "Food Quality" as VERY GOOD - even those who have a beef with us somewhere else love our ice cream (and fudge). That's strong testimony to the efforts of the better half, Ma Zinger, who takes great care and pride in the final product. We also scored very high on cleanliness (and she's the Iron Hand behind those efforts, too) and friendly service (and of course, that's all of our wonderful staffers, many who are coming back for another year of fun). One category that still gets high marks (more than 75% said VERY GOOD) but was lower than all the rest, and lower than in previous years, was "PROMPT SERVICE." After a couple of months being the only guy behind the freezer, I think I know why some people might think that service is not so fast (I wanted to say half-fast, but Mona frowned). It's you.

More accurately, it's customers. New ones, usually. They hear about us, and about our homemade ice cream and our unique flavors, and they want a taste. And then another. And then...they just can't decide. This isn't a problem when there's no one else in the store, but we've had good spring-like weather lately and good crowds and the line gets longer, and longer, and the tasters linger, and linger...and then, finally, they make a decision. Well, one does, but their spouse still can't decide, so she takes a bite from his cone, and thinks, and thinks...

You get the picture. The one thing we try to instill in our staff is to offer prompt, friendly service. Honestly, we do our best, but sometimes you just have to wait. Interestingly, a longer line usually makes people think less and they tend to taste less and order their usual flavor more often. Usually.

So the next time you join the line, remember that the folks up front might be having a difficult time deciding between the Caramel Cashew and the Double Butterscotch Chip (though I'd wager they'll get the Chocolate Peanut Butter because that's what they always get). And be patient. Thanks.

More about survey results in next month's newsletter.


Oh, fudge! I forgot to mention it last month, but we're making our homemade fudge again. Traditionally, we start the fudge kettle for Spring Break, and we'll have your favorites on the shelf from now until mid-September. Get some (and use your coupon).


We're currently doing our Spring Break thing until Sunday, April 4 (we're open every day). But, once we're done with Spring Break, we go back to the weekends like this:

? Friday and Saturday: 1pm-9pm

? Sunday: 1pm-8pm

We'll be closed Monday thru Thursday until May.


Here's the lineup for this month:

THE STANDARDS (back row): Butter Pecan, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coffee, Just Plain Chocolate, Licorice, Marionberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, New York Cheesecake, Oreo Cookie, Strawberry, and Very Vanilla.

THIS MONTH'S SPECIAL FLAVORS*: Bananas Foster, Black Walnut (L), Butter Brickle, Caramel Cashew (C), Double Butterscotch Chip, GingerSnap! (L), Lemon Custard (C), Lotsaberries (C), Mango (L), Maple Walnut (C), Oregon Hazelnut (C), Peach (L), Peanut Butter (L), Peppermint Candy (C), Red Pop (L), Toasted Marshmallow (C).

? (L) means "leaving this month"

? (C) means "coming this month"

CAVEAT: Remember, we PLAN to have these flavors, but stuff happens. Coming means it's coming SOMETIME this month...and it's a long month. Besides, it's all good.


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